Culture Camps for Language Learning: An Immersion Handbook

August 4, 2020

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This handbook is intended to be a practical tool for camp organizers, staff, Elders, community members, teachers and anyone else involved in language and culture immersion camps. It includes key points and details for each step of the entire process of planning and carrying out a language and culture immersion camp.

Prepared By

Xway’Waat (Deanna Daniels), FPHLCC Language Programs Manager and Hannah Amrhein, M.A., FPHLCC Language Research & Resource Development Coordinator

Contributing Organizations

Ministry of Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation, New Relationship Trust

Featured Languages & Communities

 Heiltsuk Language & Culture Immersion Camp, Dakelh Language Teacher Diploma Program Language and Culture Immersion Camp, -Kitselas Language and Culture Immersion Camp

Suggested Use & Distribution

This handbook should be used by any Elders, camp organizers, community leaders, or community members interested in developing a language immersion camp for their community.