About Our Language Program


Our languages are the roots of our culture – connecting us to the land, traditional knowledge and stories offered in our Language Program. All that we know and all of our relationships grow from the words of our ancestors.   

Since 1990, the First Peoples’ Cultural Council (FPCC) has collaborated with communities who are working to carry their language into the future.  

FPCC is a strong advocate for Indigenous peoples’ right to live and speak our languages and practice our cultures. We provide funding, training, resources and support for language revitalization.  

Youth Empowered Speakers (YES) Program

The FPCC Youth Empowered Speakers (YES) Program is for B.C. First Nations youth between the ages of 18-30 who want to become fluent in their language while pursuing a career in language revitalization. The program provides training, paid work internships and funding for education and living allowance, in addition to mentor-apprentice language learning

Language Revitalization Planning Program

This program provides funding, resources and coaching to First Nations communities in B.C. to develop plans for Indigenous language revitalization. Funding can be used for wages, honoraria, equipment, resource materials and more.

Language Technology Program

This program combines the FirstVoices Program and the Digitization Grants Initiative to offer funding and training to First Nations communities, governments, bands and tribal councils and Indigenous organizations in B.C. The goal of this program is to support communities to develop and sustain cohesive language technology programming.

Pathways to Language Vitality Program

Created in response to community feedback, the FPCC Pathways to Language Vitality Program provides funding and support for community-led projects that revitalize First Nations languages in B.C. and help create new fluent speakers.


The Mentor-Apprentice Program supports one-on-one learning between an adult learner and a fluent speaker. The program provides funding for 300 hours of immersion over the course of a year, along with training and support. While completing this program is a big commitment, it works! Some apprentices have become highly proficient speakers in three years.  

Reclaiming My Language Program

Reclaiming My Language is an Indigenous-developed program to support Silent Speakers to reclaim their language and begin speaking again. The course uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and supports silent speakers with tools and coaching to move forward in a good way and reclaim their language.

Language Status Assessment (LSA)

The Language Status Assessment (LSA) is a survey on the status of First Nations
languages. The Language Status Assessment is not a grant application but it is
required for communities who are applying for language funding from First
Peoples’ Cultural Council.

For more details and information on how to submit an LSA survey, click here.
To read the Language Status Assessment web story, click here.

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