About Our Heritage Program


Indigenous Heritage is living heritage.

From our stories and songs to gathering places and basket designs, to legal traditions and knowledge systems – our heritage program helps us to understand who we are and how to live. We know that there is an urgent need to protect Indigenous heritage, now and into the future. 

FPCC is working to empower communities to protect their heritage through our grants, programs and providing opportunities to bring people together to share knowledge. 

The FPCC Heritage Program has launched it’s new Heritage Stewardship Program (HSP). HSP combines existing and new grants, into four funding streams which includes: Climate Change, Digitization and Archiving, Oral Histories and Protocol and Sense of Place.

Please see below for more information on the available Heritage programs and grants.

Braided Knowledge Grant

The Braided Knowledge grant funds projects that demonstrate and reflect the holistic and interconnected nature of Indigenous arts, language and cultural heritage, leading to outcomes that are essential to the revitalization of First Nations cultures.  

Heritage Infrastructure Program

This program offers funding to First Nations communities and organizations, and First Nations-led museums and cultural spaces in B.C. The goal of this program is to support projects that conserve, repair or develop Indigenous heritage infrastructure. 

Heritage Stewardship Program

This program provides funding for training and support for Indigenous people to act as stewards and experts of their cultures and heritage through four funding streams: Climate Change, Digitization and Archiving, Oral Histories and Protocols and Sense of Place. 

It supports projects with a strong focus on mentorship, education, training and/or intergenerational learning and knowledge transfer. 

Indigenous Heritage Micro-Grant – closed

This funding program supports new activities on a one-time basis that help to revitalization Indigenous heritage. Project applications may support the performance, preservation or sharing of Indigenous heritage, increase knowledge sharing with Elders, or assist in the development of cultural heritage skills in Indigenous communities

Tools and Resources to Help You Get Started

Important Documents Toolkit

View the Fact Sheet on Recognizing and Including Indigenous Cultural Heritage in B.C.

View the Policy Paper, Recognizing and Including Indigenous Cultural Heritage in B.C.

Indigenous Guardian Toolkit

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FPCC Heritage Program is Accepting Applications!

We are now accepting applications for FPCC Heritage grants and programs from B.C.-based organizations that have a focus that includes B.C. First Nations heritage.  Are you working to safeguard your…