About Our Heritage Program


Indigenous Cultural Heritage is living heritage.

From our stories and songs to gathering places and basket designs, to legal traditions and knowledge systems – our cultural heritage program helps us to understand who we are and how to live. We know that there is an urgent need to protect Indigenous Cultural Heritage, now and into the future.

FPCC is working to empower communities to protect their cultural heritage through our grants, programs and providing opportunities to bring people together to share knowledge.

Program Objectives

The four objectives of FPCC’s Indigenous Cultural Heritage Program are to:

  1. Increase the inter-generational transmission of Indigenous heritage and cultural knowledge.
  2. Increase community capacity to support Indigenous cultural heritage through grants for best practices, capacity building, mentorships and cultural infrastructure development; develop training programs and tools; and advocacy efforts. 
  3. Conduct research to develop a strategy for the revitalization and maintenance of all forms of B.C. Indigenous heritage.
  4. Invest in and develop a strong network of experts on the revitalization of Indigenous heritage and cultural knowledge.

Indigenous Cultural Heritage Infrastructure Grant – UHI

This grant offers funding to First Nations communities, Indigenous organizations, and Indigenous-led museums and cultural spaces in B.C. The goal of this program is to support projects that conserve, repair or develop Indigenous cultural heritage infrastructure.

Oral Histories Program

This program provides funding to help communities to record oral histories about how Indigenous communities in B.C. survive and live through difficult times. Elders and Knowledge Keepers work with a family member or support person to share their stories.

Indigenous Heritage Micro-Grant Program

This funding program supports new activities on a one-time basis that help to revitalization Indigenous heritage. Project applications may support the performance, preservation or sharing of Indigenous heritage, increase knowledge sharing with Elders, or assist in the development of cultural heritage skills in Indigenous communities

A Sense of Place

‘A Sense of Place: Reconnecting the Land through Indigenous Cultural Heritage’ offers grants to B.C. First Nations communities and Indigenous organizations. The goal of this program is to foster greater understanding of the connection and safeguarding practices between the land, environment and Indigenous cultural heritage, including Indigenous languages. This is a one-time grant program that was initiated in 2019 and will be completed in 2021.

Tools and Resources to Help You Get Started

Important Documents Toolkit

View the Fact Sheet on Recognizing and Including Indigenous Cultural Heritage in B.C.

View the Policy Paper, Recognizing and Including Indigenous Cultural Heritage in B.C.

Indigenous Guardian Toolkit

2003 UNESCO Intangible Heritage Convention

News on changes to the B.C. Heritage Conservation Act

The Conversation article on science and traditional knowledge

Real Life Story

FPCC Heritage Grants Now Open!

FPCC Heritage Program Grants are now accepting applications!  The Heritage Program supports the revitalization of Indigenous cultural heritage for First Nations in British Columbia. Select grants in the Heritage Program are now accepting applications for the Fall 2021 funding intake.  These…