Braided Knowledge Grant


$10,000 - $25,000
November 18, 2022 - July 7, 2023

The objective of the Braided Knowledge Grant is to fund projects that show the connected nature of Indigenous arts, language and cultural heritage.

Braided Knowledge: Weaving Indigenous Knowledge Through Generations is the first grant of its kind in Canada.  

This grant  supports work where arts, languages and cultural heritage are connected and aligned with Indigenous ways of knowing and being.   

All projects must have a mentorship component. Mentorship ensures that cultural knowledge and practical skills are passed from expert knowledge holders, fluent speakers and artists. 

This grant is for First Nations organizations in B.C. with a focus that includes Indigenous cultural heritage. Eligible organizations include First Nations, Tribal Councils and not-for-profit societies with more than half of the directors identifying as First Nations.  

This program is possible with funding from the Government of British Columbia’s Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation through the First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation.

Funding for the 2021-22 recipients was provided by the Tamalpais Trust Fund of RSF Social Finance and the Indigenous Knowledge Holders Fund of RSF Social Finance. 

Heritage staff provided an online information session which has been recorded and posted below, along with a Q&A to support applicants.

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We are here to support you!

Program staff are available to support you with your application. Please join us for our information session (see below) or view the recorded session. Contact the program staff listed at the bottom of this page early if you would like assistance with your grant application.

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Funding Process

We are here to ensure that the funding application process is as easy as possible and offer a convenient online portal so applicants can more easily apply for programs and submit reports. For additional information please visit the Funding Process page.

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Program Contact

Kym Jones

Kym recently graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology and Anthropology with a Cultural Resource Management Certificate. She joined FPCC’s Heritage Program in 2020 and now supports the Indigenous Cultural Heritage Micro Grants and the Oral Histories Grants.