Language Revitalization Fact Sheets

August 4, 2020

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Fact Sheet 1: Language Diversity
Fact Sheet 2: Language Dialects
Fact Sheet 3: Writing Systems
Fact Sheet 4: New Words & Language Adaptation
Fact Sheet 5: Language Immersion
Fact Sheet 6: Language Fluency
Fact Sheet 7: Second Language Proficiency Assessment Models
Fact Sheet 8: Bilingual Families
Fact Sheet 9: Language in the Home
Fact Sheet 10: Language & Health
Language Revitalization Fact sheets


Above is a collection of fact sheets relating to various aspects of language revitalization. These fact sheets provide high-level guidance and facts to help establish language revitalization initiatives and educate our communities on the work currently being undertaken, as well as opportunities for the future. 

Prepared By

First Peoples’ Cultural Council

Suggested Use & Distribution

These fact sheets are ideal for educators, community & program leaders, Elders & government representatives to provide holistic education on language revitalization for their communities.