About Our Arts Program


At the First Peoples’ Cultural Council, we support Indigenous artists working in both traditional and contemporary arts by delivering grants, workshops and programs. 

Indigenous arts in B.C. have a long and nuanced history, stretching back to a time well before colonization. Music, dance, carving, weaving, regalia, body art – these are just some of the artistic expressions that reflect our cultures and identities. Our art is a conduit for physical, mental, socio-cultural and economic well-being. 

We use art to record history and mark events, map the land, pass on values and identify political and family structures that shape our communities. Art is at the centre of our ceremonies and cultural practices. Art is an educational tool, a public record, a political document and a spiritual resource – and it is a critical component of our cultural systems. 

Choosing your Grant
The Indigenous Arts Program is organized into three funding Baskets to streamline grant selection for individuals, organizations and music industry professionals. Please see each Basket below to find which grant fits best with your project.

All grant applications are accepted via the FPCC Grant Portal. If you need any assistance in choosing which grant to apply for or have questions about how to apply, please contact the relevant program coordinator listed at the bottom of this page. 

Individual Artists Basket

The Individual Artists Basket supports the development of Indigenous artists residing in B.C. with grants for artistic production or scholarships for education or mentorship training. Individual Artists Basket holds two funding options for Individual Artists:

Individual Artists Grant

Individual Artists Grant supports Indigenous artists working in any discipline with demonstrated commitment to their creative expression and to developing their practice in any artistic discipline – visual, music, dance, theatre, literary or media and including the contemporary practice of traditionally based forms. 

Indigenous Arts Scholarships & Mentorships

The Indigenous Arts Scholarship & Mentorships provides scholarships for arts education through an accredited post-secondary institution or for a one-on-one artist mentorship. This grant supports traditional and contemporary artistic practices in all disciplines – visual, music, dance, theatre, literary or media.

Arts Vitality Micro-Grant – Closed

The Arts Vitality Micro-Grant supports Indigenous artists, Knowledge Holders and Indigenous arts organizations in B.C. who are recovering from the adverse economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate emergencies (wildfires, floods, heat waves etc.) and changes to the arts and culture sector.

Organizations and Collectives Basket

The Organizations and Collectives Basket assists First Nations communities, arts administration professionals, collectives, and arts and culture organizations with projects that contribute to professional development, capacity building, creative growth, and the intergenerational transfer of knowledge in all disciplines.

Organizations & Collectives

The Organizations & Collectives grant will advance the work of Indigenous artists and enhance activities as an arts and culture organization, group or collective. This grant will also build administrative capacity and sustainability for organizations and collectives. For organizations, there are also options for support for operational expenses. The funding supports arts production in all creative expressions – visual, music, dance, story, and more, as well as administration costs or a combination of arts and administrative projects.  

Community Arts Spaces

This grant is intended to support the development of Indigenous community arts and culture workspaces that support the transmission of arts skills and knowledge through all art forms. Funding creates spaces for Indigenous artists in B.C. to make and practice their art. All spaces must be community-focused and available for community use.

Sharing Traditional Arts Across Generations

This grant supports projects where the primary focus is passing on traditional arts skills and knowledge through generations and includes all art forms – visual, music, dance and story.  The Sharing Traditional Arts Across Generations grant enhances training and participation and advances the work of B.C. Indigenous artists, arts organizations, collectives and First Nations.

Arts Administrator Internships & Mentorships

This program provides funding to support internship and training opportunities for people who have a commitment to arts administration, community cultural coordination or curatorial practice in a gallery or museum. 

Indigenous Music Basket

The Indigenous Music Basket is intended for Indigenous musicians, ensembles and collectives, recording engineers, and industry professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to working in the music industry.

The Indigenous Music Basket provides two funding opportunities for Indigenous musicians to support projects and events that grow and develop British Columbia’s creative industries. Successful ventures will increase the participation of Indigenous artists, music industry professionals and recording engineers and strengthen participation in B.C.’s Indigenous music industry through knowledge transfer, skill development, touring, marketing, promotions and the creation of new business opportunities in B.C. and elsewhere.

Indigenous Music Grants

The Indigenous Music Grants support individual artists and groups residing in B.C. who are undertaking creation, performance, recording, touring and promotions/marketing activities in Canada. This program supports artists at all stages of their career. These activities can lead to professional development opportunities, cultural knowledge transfer and community well-being.  

Music Industry Professionals

Broadening active Indigenous recording engineers’ knowledge, skills, networking and business opportunities within the BC music industry. Also by supporting emerging Indigenous professionals who show a commitment to working in the music industry as an administrator, agent, promoter, manager, event organizer or presenter.

Indigenous Music Retreat – Closed

The Indigenous Music Retreat brings together a dedicated group of Indigenous artists (emerging, mid-career or established) who want to strengthen their artistic and business skills, develop music industry networks and expand their industry knowledge. The retreat includes workshops, roundtable discussions, one-on-one consultation and coaching, plus an evening showcase to provide a holistic experience.

Program Coordinator Contact

Individual Artists
Leah Anthony, leah@fpcc.ca

Organizations & Collectives
Nikki Rohani, nikki@fpcc.ca

Indigenous Music
Koralee Tonack, koralee@fpcc.ca

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