The Report on the Status of B.C. First Nations Languages 2022

February 21, 2023

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FPCC Language Status Report 2022

FPCC Language Status Report Fact Sheet 2022


Linked above is FPCC’s Report on the Status of First Nations Languages, Fourth Edition 2022 as well as an accompanying fact sheet. The report and the fact sheet highlight the current state of First Nations languages in B.C. and the work that is being done to revitalize and maintain language throughout the province. 

View information on all Status Reports here.

Prepared By

Suzanne Gessner, Tracey Herbert & Aliana Parker for FPCC

Suggested Use & Distribution

This report & fact sheet is an excellent resource in familiarizing yourself with language practice, resources, and revitalization efforts, and can be used to compare stats and findings against previous or more current reports to determine changes over time.