NEW! Resource on Language Technologies

July 20, 2020

FPCC has a new language revitalization resource called Check Before You Tech!

This guide provides information for communities and language champions to use when choosing to build or purchase language apps and software. There is a growing selection of exciting new technology tools that can support language learning and teaching efforts. They include language apps, online dictionaries, and immersive or virtual reality games.

It can be hard to know how to select the right technology for your language work, or what questions you should ask before purchasing a tool. This guide is a practical checklist that will help communities make informed decisions before purchasing or developing language software.

Check Before You Tech! includes considerations such as:

– Does our community retain full ownership and control of all our data? 
– Where is our data stored and how will we get our data if we switch to a different technology or service provider later? 
– What are the costs for the ongoing development and maintenance? Is there an annual licensing fee? 
– How will the technology be affected by updates to operating systems and mobile device security? 

Download your copy of Check Before You Tech! 
English Version here.
Spanish Version here.  

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