February 27, 2020

‘Let the Languages Live’

In partnership with the First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, FPCC hosted HELISET TŦE SḰÁL ‘Let the Languages Live’ in June 2019. It was the only Indigenous-led international conference marking the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages. The conference hosted over 1,000 attendees from 20 countries, bringing together language specialists, Knowledge Keepers and community champions to learn, share, collaborate and celebrate. 

The conference highlighted the incredible work B.C. First Nations communities are doing to revitalize their languages – demonstrating leadership to inspire and support Indigenous communities worldwide.    

The three-day conference featured workshops, panels and keynotes by experts from around the world. Participants shared their stories and experiences, and they learned new strategies and skills to apply in their home communities.  Live performances and a vendor fair showcased Indigenous artists.  

Attendees shared knowledge and supported each other in the revitalization and the importance of keeping our languages thriving. Indigenous language experts and advocates from around the world met to share their knowledge through storytelling.

HELISET TŦE SḰÁL put B.C. on the map as a global leader in Indigenous language revitalization by highlighting the important work our communities are doing to revitalize their languages.  

Multiple collaborative working sessions and storytelling streams included:

  • Community mobilization
  • Influencing institutions and strategies to do so
  • Celebrating leaders & storytellers
  • Language revitalization in urban communities and learning away from home
  • Technology and research policy protocols

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