A group of graduates from Reclaiming My Language, a course for silent speakers gather at Upper Nicola Band in Merrit in 2019.

Reclaiming My Language


April 1, 2024 - March 31, 2025

Reclaiming My Language is a course to assist silent speakers to reclaim their language.

Silent speakers are people who have a good understanding of their language but do not speak it. There are many kinds of silent speakers, including people who spoke their language before attending residential school or people who grew up hearing their language and understand it, but do not speak it. 

The course runs 10 weeks for up to three hours each week. It uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and offers supports for silent speakers, including tools and coaching to help them move forward in a good way to reclaim their language. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy explores the connection between how we think and how it affects our behavior or actions. It helps silent speakers to move away from unhelpful thoughts that may be blocking the language and assists them to begin speaking their language. This course is trauma-informed but does not ask participants to share or disclose their trauma. 

FPCC provides training for program facilitators and ongoing support as well as course materials, videos, workbooks and funding. 

  • Funding can be used to support travel. FPCC can assist with the identification and vetting of a mental health co-instructor and potentially a community co-instructor if needed. 
  • Submissions must include 10 pre-course surveys from potential participants. 
  • Several communities can come together to deliver this course if all participants speak the same language. 

Please contact us at rml@fpcc.ca if you need support in identifying potential co-instructors and/or participants. 

B.C. First Nations communities and Indigenous organizations in B.C. are eligible to apply for this program. 

Reclaiming My Language is made possible with funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage. 

Language Program Expressions of Interest – now closed

The Language Program funding process is different this year as it will begin with the submission of a brief Expression of Interest (EOI). After the EOI submissions have been reviewed and funding levels for 2024-2025 are confirmed, FPCC will invite applications to specific programs. For more information on this change, how FPCC is supporting language programming for 2024-25 and to submit your Expression of Interest via our portal please click on the “Learn More” button below.

Note: You may complete only one EOI submission for all program areas of interest.

About the course

  • 2-3 hours each week over 10 weeks 
  • Up to 10 silent speaker participants, each paired with a fluent mentor  
  • A supportive environment to practice speaking the language  
  • Weekly homework assignments  
  • Optional internship opportunities to contribute to a community language program  

Tools and Resources

Language Status Assessment (LSA)

The Language Status Assessment (LSA) is a survey on the status of First Nations
languages. The Language Status Assessment is not a grant application but it is
required for communities who are applying for language funding from First
Peoples’ Cultural Council.

For more details and information on how to submit an LSA survey, click here.
To read more about the Language Status Assessment, click here.

We are here to support!

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Funding Process

We are here to ensure that the funding application process is as easy as possible and offer a convenient online portal so applicants can more easily apply for programs and submit reports. For additional information please visit the Funding Process page.

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Funding process infogrpahic

Page Image: 2019 participants who completed the Upper Nicola Reclaiming My Language program.

Program Contact

Melinda Pick

Melinda Pick is Haida on her maternal side and Lithuanian, French and Mi’kmaq on her father’s side. Melinda is a dedicated learner of the Haida language and continues to use this passion to encourage others in reaching their language revitalization goals.