Virtual & At Home Language Revitalization Program Ideas

September 22, 2020

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FPCC understands that programs need to be adjusted during this pandemic and we developed this resource to help you modify your program and keep your community safe. This guide provides program ideas and practices to safely continue language revitalization work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are some recommended virtual program ideas to incorporate Indigenout language revitalization practices into our communities.

Virtual & at Home Language Revitalization Program Ideas 

• Ways to connect with Elders and the community through technology.
• How to take an inventory of existing audio and video archives.
• Ways to digitize audio, video, and print materials in your language. 
• How to create new materials to support language learners, such as exercises, lessons and games. 
• Ways to stay connected with your community through social media. 
• How to start a new language revitalization project in your community. 

Prepared by

First Peoples’ Cultural Council

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