Mentor-Apprentice Community Frequently Asked Questions

September 20, 2022

COVID-19 Note: The health and safety of everyone involved in FPCC programs, communities, and especially Elders, is of the utmost importance to us. We are taking action to maintain safe operations while supporting our communities and participants. While many have been vaccinated, COVID-19 still poses a risk to our communities, staff and those most vulnerable to the serious effects of this illness. Gathering of MAP teams should be in accordance with the health and safety protocols of the First Nation as well as any current Provincial health orders (PHO) guidelines.

How many Mentor-Apprentice Program (MAP) teams can we have?
This program is for communities who have 3 or more MAP teams.

One team is already in FPCC’s Mentor-Apprentice Program. Can we apply with two more teams so that we get the coordinator funding?
Yes! If the MAP team that is already in the program is interested in participating in Mentor-Apprentice Community, they can be in a cohort with newly registered teams.

Can our teams do their MAP hours together as a group?
Learning together as a group of mentors and apprentices can be a great way to create an immersive social environment that sparks natural conversation, laughter and new ideas. We encourage each team (mentor and apprentice) to spend most of their time in a one-on-one format so that each apprentice can be learning according to their individual needs and goals. We suggest the MAP teams gather as a group once a month for a few hours, or two hours per week, to benefit from shared learning and peer support.

Can we have multiple apprentices working with one mentor?
The mentor-apprentice method works best as a one-on-one approach to language learning. This provides each language learner focused time with a fluent speaker, doing hands-on activities together. Having more than one apprentice with a single mentor can overwhelm the mentor and lead to a classroom style of language learning, which may not be as effective. We encourage apprentices to maximize their language learning by working one-on-one with a language mentor. Mentors can act as panel evaluators for other apprentices in the community.

What does the community coordinator do?
The community coordinator plays an important role in providing administrative support to teams. Some of the support the coordinator can provide includes:

  • Support individual teams with their reporting on the FPCC Grant Portal
  • Assist with scheduling the panel evaluations, facilitates the panel evaluation session and with submitting reporting on the FPCC Grant Portal
  • Schedule and facilitate group sessions when applicable and safe
  • Assist with purchasing helpful materials and resources
  • Assist with managing audio recordings of MAP sessions

Is this a single-year or multi-year program?
This program is offered one year at a time. While it takes 3 years for each team to complete MAP (the equivalent of 900+ hours of focused language learning) and to become a proficient language speaker, FPCC is not able to guarantee more than one year at a time for this group program.

We don’t have enough fluent speakers in our community to be mentors. What can we do?
If you have multiple apprentices in your community applying to MAP and cannot find enough speakers to pair one with each interested apprentice, please contact us so that we can work with you to find a solution.

How are the MAP teams paid? How is the coordinator paid?
Each MAP team in Mentor-Apprentice: Community is paid directly by FPCC when they submit their reports on the FPCC Grant Portal. This payment includes the stipends for materials and supplies, and the honoraria for the panel evaluators. The wages for the community coordinator will be paid to the coordinator directly if they are an apprentice, or to a community organization if the coordinator is another community member.

We already have three teams in our community in FPCC’s MAP Program. How do we access funding for the coordinator?
All communities with three or more teams registered in MAP, regardless of their program year, will be contacted in early 2023 with an invitation to apply to the MAP: Community option. Please email if you have any questions.

Can we apply with teams from a neighbouring community?
Yes! If the teams are within a reasonable driving distance to allow for in-person meetings (when safe) and are interested in the support of the community coordinator role, they will be included in an invitation to partake in MAP: Community.