FPCC Reports and Resources on Indigenous Language Legislation

August 5, 2020


Below is an up to date collection of FPCC’s reports and resources on Indigenous Language Legislation. Here you can find presentations, reports, and guides relating to FPCC’s advocacy work in developing Indigenous Language legislation.

Suggested Use & Distribution

The resources attached provide comprehensive insight into Canada’s Indigenous Language legislation and can be used as references by community members, cultural & community leadership, advocates and government representatives.

FPCC Updates on the Legislation

FPCC’s Presentation to the Senate of Canada Standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples, April 3, 2019
FPCC’s Presentation to the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, February 19, 2019
Briefing note on the Federal Language Legislation for B.C. Political Representatives, April 2018

Update on Indigenous Languages Legislation, November 2017

FPCC Report on the Legislation
FPCC has drafted its own report as a technical organization with experience supporting community-based language revitalization. This report outlines our priorities and recommendations for the proposed legislation. This report has been submitted to National Chief Perry Bellegarde, and the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Mélanie Joly.

Download the report A Framework for Indigenous Language Legislation

FPCC Rationale for Supporting the Legislation
We recognize that not everyone is supportive of this proposed new legislation. However, FPCC believes that this is an important opportunity for Indigenous languages in Canada.

Download the One-Page Rationale: Rationale for Supporting Federal Indigenous Languages Legislation

Language Diversity in B.C. FPCC has prepared a discussion paper about the linguistic diversity of B.C., which is a crucial consideration in the development of the legislation and language funding models.

Download the discussion paper: Recognizing the Diversity of B.C.’s First Nations Languages

Additional Resources

Important Documents about Indigenous Languages Legislation