Costing Models for Language Maintenance, Revitalization, and Reclamation in Canada, May 2018

July 31, 2018

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This report provides detailed information on the costs associated with language maintenance, revitalization and reclamation depending on a community’s current language vitality. It provides three different scenarios, each with a 15-year cost outline for the language revitalization strategies and activities that would be needed in a community to reach a point of language maintenance.

Prepared By

Heather Bliss, PhD and Myles Creed, MA for First Peoples’ Cultural Council

Contributing Organizations

University of Victoria

Suggested Use & Distribution

This report provides tangible guidelines for resource allocation needs to support Indigenous language revitalization initiatives depending on the current language vitality of a community. This information can be used by local government representatives, community and cultural leaders when requesting funding and planning language revitalization initiatives in their community.