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Language Technology Program


July 3, 2023 - June 30, 2024

The Language Technology Program provides up to $230,000 in funding plus equipment and training to support language revitalization using technology. 

There are 3 components within this program: FirstVoices, Digitization and Development

  • FirstVoices projects involve using to document and share your language. These projects make languages more accessible and preserve knowledge for future generations. 
  • Digitization projects involve converting materials such as audio cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, VHS tapes and text documents to a digital format.  
  • Development projects use FirstVoices data to develop digital tools, like language learning apps and games. Note that FPCC does not provide training for developing apps and games but will fund training through this program.

This program is for First Nations communities, governments, bands and tribal councils and Indigenous organizations located in B.C. 

We invite applicants to indicate interest in the possibility of a two-year project. Please see the guidelines for details about specific projects eligible for funding. Funding for similar projects that are not eligible through this program may be able to receive funding through FPCC’s Pathways to Language Vitality Program.  

This program is funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage as a result of the Government of Canada’s Indigenous Languages Act.  

FirstVoices is an online tool that communities use to document and share their language with future generations. Teams upload alphabets, songs, stories, words and phrases as well as multimedia to language sites through, making the language more accessible to learners who can use the resources to learn and interact with their language. 

FPCC provides training and up to $80,000, funding can be used to purchase equipment. Projects with smaller budgets are also encouraged to apply. For more information regarding eligible FirstVoices projects, please view the program guidelines. 


Digitization is the process of converting materials such as audio cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, VHS tapes and text documents to a digital format. Communities gather and inventory the materials they would like to digitize, use specialized technology to convert them to a digital format, and archive and create access to the digital materials (such as through FirstVoices). FPCC provides funding, $3,000 worth of equipment and training. 

Communities applying for digitization projects are eligible for up to $100,000. Projects will small budgets are also encouraged to apply. For more information, please view the program guidelines. 


FPCC is offering up to an additional $50,000 to use FirstVoices data to support community development of apps, software and other creative digital products that use the data on your FirstVoices site. Eligible projects include games, mobile apps, teaching and management tools and online language courses. Note that funding can be used to support training for development projects. 

Information Session

We are here to support you!

FPCC asks anyone who may be interested in applying to this program to reach out so we can assist you with your application. FPCC staff are available to answer questions about grant eligibility, project proposal ideas, which program or grant may be best for your project and more.

For support with your application, please book a time with the program staff by clicking here

Funding Process

We are here to ensure that the funding application process is as easy as possible and offer a convenient online portal so applicants can more easily apply for programs and submit reports. For additional information please visit the Funding Process page.

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Program Contact

James Thompson

James moved to British Columbia from the US to pursue a graduate degree in linguistics. While at UBC, he worked with and learned from elders from several First Nations, and in the years since has focused on documentation, teaching and curriculum development. James is grateful for endless stream of opportunities to learn and grow with language champions from across the province, and he looks forward to continuing this journey at FPCC.